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Terms and Conditions for Chillar Recharge


Concept / Background

1.          1. There has always been a shortage of change at retailer end when subscriber asks for non-10X recharge.

2.          2. To allow the subscriber to do an immediate second recharge with the balance amount so as to round-off his purchase to 5X or 10X amounts

3.          3. It could greatly reduce/avoid the need for currency change at retailer end


Product Solution – 

1.         1. Customer Recharges with Rs 45 and tenders Rs 50, post recharge the retailer gets an option to recharge with Rs 5

2.         2. Retailer would be prompted for a Chillar recharge on completion of any Non-10X recharge through *122#

3.         3. This Chillar recharge would be a available from Rs 1 to Rs 9

4.         4. Retailer can to do the second Chillar recharge in the same USSD session by selecting and entering the PIN number

5.         5. Retailer / Subscriber can decide to not go for this Chillar recharge and exit the session

6.         6. As PIN is entered separately for the Chillar recharge and Vtopup should generate a separate Transaction ID for the same