Idea and Google Assistant

Just say “Ok Google, Talk to Idea 4G” , “Ask Idea 4G” or “Get Idea 4G”

To manage your Idea 4G account, you can also long press the home button on your smartphone to activate the Google Assistant and say "Talk to Idea 4G". You can then simply start inquiring about your bill, balance details, due dates and more with any of the below mentioned queries

For postpaid customers

“What is my current bill?”

“What is my data balance?”

“What was my previous bill?”

“When is my bill due?”

“Can I make a bill payment?”


For prepaid customers

“What is my account balance?”

“What is data balance?”

“Can I make a recharge?”


Alternatively, you could also say - “Ask Idea 4G <your query>”

Example : “Ask Idea 4G what is my data balance?”

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