After subscribing to IR pack, If I visit UK for 1 week, and come back to India for 1 week, then visit Singapore for 1 week…. Will I get the discount benefits across both countries?

Yes, you can visit any of the applicable countries and avail of discount benefits across all these countries, within a 1 month period.

Are there any pre-requisites for subscribing to iRoam Pack?

Your International Roaming service should be activated before subscribing to iRoam pack. If not, you need to first activate your International Roaming service first, and then send request for iRoam pack.Note that activation of International Roaming Service requires payment of security deposit of Rs.3000 (Rs.1000 ISD + Rs.2000 Int. Roaming)

Can I subscribe the iRoam Pack when I am on International Roaming?

Yes, you can subscribe to iRoam pack while you are roaming internationally. SMS & Calls for activation will be charged at standard International rates.

Can I subscribe to multiple iRoam Packs at the same time?

No. You can opt for only 1 iRoam pack at a given time.

Do I need to subscribe for every country? Is the Pack rental applied for every country?

You need to just subscribe once to avail discounted tariff in 37 countries. Pack rental is payable only once, after which you can visit any of the 37 countries and avail discounts on selected operators.

Do the benefits of iRoam pack apply on National Roaming within India?

No. iRoam pack benefits apply only on International Roaming.

How can I deactivate the iRoam Pack?

All iRoam packs will be deactivated automatically after 1 month. Packs once activated, cannot be deactivated before expiry of 1 month.

How do I subscribe for the iRoam Pack?

You can subscribe by sending an SMS to 12345 or calling Idea customer care. Idea Punjab customers can send SMS to 12347.

Is the International Roaming (IR) service rental of Rs.149/month included in the iRoam pack rental?

No. iRoam pack rental is to get benefits of discounted Tariffs on international roaming. It is over and above the IR service rental.

Is the iRoam Pack available for Prepaid?

iRoam pack is only available for Postpaid subscribers.

Is the iRoam pack renewed automatically every month?

iRoam pack remains active only for 1 month & is not renewed automatically. To renew iRoam pack please send activation request again.

My handset keeps latching to different networks, how can I ensure that I latch only to specified networks where pack / discount benefits are applicable?

This could be due to low coverage / network strength of some operators. To ensure you avail the pack benefits, kindly do a manual selection of specific networks . Manual network selection can be done going to the Settings -> Network Settings -> Search Networks Manually.

Should I subscribe to iRoam pack before travelling or after reaching the foreign location?

You can subscribe anytime, however we recommend you to activate your pack 48 hours prior to starting your journey.

What are the charges applicable for iRoam Packs?

You will be charged a one time rental for period 30 days, and the discounted rates on International roaming.

What benefits do I get by subscribing to iRoam Packs?

By subscribing to iRoam packs, you can get upto 75% discounts on International tariffs for voice, sms and data usage, depending on the pack you have subscribed to.

Will USA pack benefits be available on all US networks?

No. iRoam USA pack benefits are applicable only on AT&T network in US.

Will my existing local packs continue if I subscribe to iRoam pack?

When you subscribe iRoam packs, your local packs continue to be active. However please note that local pack benefits are not available while on International roaming.

Will the discount be applicable for all countries?

No. Discounts are applicable only on selected operators in 37 countries. Standard International Roaming rates apply on usage done in other operators/ countries.