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    Vendor Registration

    Vendor Registration is offline. Contact category manager for details

    GST Communications

    All Suppliers and Vendors of Vodafone Idea Limited need to do following w.r.t. GST. During coming days a lot of communication will be sent to supplier’s registered email ID with Vodafone Idea Limited. Same will be uploaded on the Supplier Connect portal. Kindly update your mail IDs and visit Supplier Connect Portal regularly for GST updates.

    New Corporate Office correspondence Address is as under:

    Vodafone Idea Limited,

    10th Floor, Birla Centurion,

    Century Mills Compound,

    Pandurang Budhkar Marg,

    Worli , Mumbai – 400 030

    Vendor onboarding Assessment : (now LIVE in Oracle)

    This will automate vendor onboarding process and will have all the online inputs to complete the vendor onboarding assessment by Commercial/User Function.

    Salient features :

    • Automated supplier evaluation matrix for aspiring vendors – self assessment and questionnaire.
    • Enables commercial / User function to go thru the required information and online assessment thru a work flow
    • Complete automation of the Vendor Onboarding process
    • Elimination of manual process – helps productivity.
    • Covers key aspects like IT security, Sustainability
    • Increases speed & seamlessness
    Changes w.r.t. to existing processes:
    • Enhanced quality of and coverage of questions at time of Vendor Onboarding.
    • Replacing manual process by automation & triggering approval workflow involving user and commercial at circle / corporate.
    • Will have online approval of respective Commercial / User function VH/CCH
    • Criteria of exceptional (COO for Circle & CCO for Corporate) approval incase vendor score is below 60% and business requires the onboarding of vendor.

    Supplier Performance Evaluation : (now LIVE in Oracle)

    Periodic supplier performance evaluation is key to have healthy Supplier base ; the automated process will cover the assessment process right from performance measurement of Supplier to communication of Supplier performance feedback. This will automate the hitherto manual and cumbersome process.

    Salient features :

    • Implementation of policy as per SCM framework.
    • Flexibility of providing the ratings thru System based (Oracle), Form based, Manual or combination of System & Manual.
    • Incorporating of key stakeholders / User functions like NWS, SD, Mktg, Admin.
    • Use of data available in oracle i.e. suppliers performance available in Oracle records
    • Automated Supplier Performance Evaluation and communication of feedback to Supplier.
    • Dashboards on system related parameters & visibility of Supplier performance evaluation at Circle & Corporate.
    • Faster and accurate completion of the Evaluation cycle.
    Changes w.r.t. to existing processes:
    • Enhanced quality of and coverage of questions at time of Vendor Onboarding.
    • Replacing manual process by automation & triggering approval workflow.
    • Will have online approval of respective User Function VH and Commercial
    • All 5 performance parameters i.e. Price, Lead Time, Quality, Service Support & Qualitative parameters will be done at Circle.
    • Only non- system parameters will be reviewed by corporate for CN (centrally negotiated) vendors
    • Suppliers shall get individual Circle rating to have circle-wise visibility on their performance and will also give Corporate rating.

    Message For Our Venders

    Dear Partner, It has come to our notice that many partners drop in to our offices routinely, both at Circle and Corporate, without prior appointments. This causes visible disturbance to our own staff and Managers. While we welcome you to meet us but will urge you that you may please schedule an appointment with the concerned persons in advance. Casual drop-ins need to be stopped forthwith. Do note that this is a serious issue and we will be discouraging it with immediate effect. Please do communicate the same also to your other members who meet us for work. We will value your cooperation in this.

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    Terms & Conditions

    1. General Condition of Purchase / Contract / Service: Terms & Conditions mentioned in the Supplier Norms section of this website are applicable to all PO.
    2. Order Acknowledgement: The Purchase Order (PO) acknowledgement shall be given within 7 days of receipt of the PO or else Idea Cellular Ltd. (“Company”) shall be at liberty to cancel the same without incurring any liability whatsoever
    3. Goods / Service Acceptance: All goods / Services accepted are subject to final approval of the Company regarding quantity, quality & specifications. The company reserves the right to reject if further defects are noticed even after first instance the goods are accepted.
    4. Delivery of Materials: The delivery of materials (goods and or services) shall be in sync with the timelines mentioned in the PO and the Company shall assume no obligation for delays.
    5. Replacement of Rejected Goods: The Supplier shall replace the rejected goods as per the PO terms or else Company shall follow suitable measures.
    6. Invoicing: The invoice must be submitted to the Company office having PO No. , PO Date, Supplier Details (Taxes etc.) along with all necessary information on the Entry Permit (wherever applicable).
    7. Cancellation / Amendment of PO: The Company reserves the right to Cancel and or Amend the PO or part thereof for following reasons : (A) Irregularities in Supply / Services; (B) Rejection; (C) Escalation in Price; or (D) Not required by Company.
    8. Responsibility: It is the responsibility of key stake holder of Supplier to get the user ID deactivated in cases like change of responsibility, employee leaving their organization etc. Any data provided by using these IDs will be considered as valid information fed on behalf of the Supplier. Supplier users have the sole responsibility to periodically check for on-line posting for which they may be eligible.
    9. Use of Information: Idea accepts no liability whatsoever and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly (including special, incidental or consequential loss or damage) from use of this web site, however arising, and including any loss, damage or expense arising from, but not limited to, any defect, error, imperfection, fault, mistake or inaccuracy with this web site, its contents or associated services, or due to any unavailability of the web site or any part thereof or any contents or any associated services. Company shall not have any liability whatsoever to a user or to others for any loss, profit or indirect, special, punitive or exemplary damages, even if advised in advance of the possibility of such damages.
    10. Confidentiality: Both parties shall maintain strict confidence & shall not make any information (displayed on this portal) public without the consent of other.
    11. !dea retains the sole right to change, revise, modify, add or delete contents of the modules, in whole or in part at any time without notice.

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