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Call Management Services

What are call management services?

Call management services allow you receive an intimation of incoming call numbers, forward calls to other numbers, etc.

What are the call management services that Idea offers?

You can make use of four services:
  • Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP)
  • Call forward/ call divert
  • Call wait/ call hold
  • Call conference

What is CLIP and how can I avail it?

With Caller Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) on your Idea connection, you can see your caller’s phone number on your handset’s screen. This lets you know who is calling, so you can accept or reject the call. In case the caller’s number is stored on your handset, you will also see the name under which it is stored when you receive a call.

CLIP is active by default on all Idea Prepaid and Postpaid numbers. Some calls might show up as ‘Private Number’. This happens when the caller has the Calling Line Identification Restriction facility enabled.

Every Caller Line Identification (CLI) is shown as ‘+’ followed by the country code. So, CLI prefixed with +91 means that the call is from India.

Can I use the call conference service on my Idea connection?

Yes, you can. With Idea’s call conference service, you can talk to up to 5 different people at a time. While most handsets support call conference, please check your handset’s manual to see if you can avail this facility.

How much will it cost me to use the call conference service?

You will be charged simultaneously for all outgoing calls that you initiate while on conference. Base calling rates, as per your tariff plan, will apply for conference calling too. But, promo pack discounts on local, STD, ISD calling will also be applicable on all conference calls.

Note: You may have to pay a monthly rental for the service. Contact Idea customer care for more information. You may also have to make an additional deposit, based on the discretion of the Idea credit team.

What are the call wait and call hold features?

  • Call wait notifies of a second incoming call while you are already on a call
  • Call hold allows you to receive or make a second call by putting the first call on hold, and you can swap between the two calls too

How can I activate the call wait and call hold features on my handset?

Call wait and call hold services are pre-activated on your Idea connection. In order to use the service, you will need to enable some simple settings on your handset.

You can either select the correct options from the handset menu or enter a generic code.

  • To start, dial *43#
  • To stop, dial #43#

What are the charges for call wait and call hold?

These features are available to you free of cost, without any additional rental. You will only have to pay for the duration for which all outgoing calls are active or on hold.

What is call diverting?

With the call divert service, you can divert incoming calls to another mobile number or landline if you are unable to take a call, are busy, are out of reach or your phone is switched off. The call can be diverted to numbers within the home network and not to STD/ ISD numbers.

Note: Call divert facility to Prepaid customer and landline option is not applicable for AP circle customers
While on roaming, call divert will work only when:
    i) All calls are diverted
    ii) Your phone is switched off

How can I activate call divert on my Idea number?

The call divert facility is activated by default on your Idea number

In order to use the service, you simply need to activate it on your handset. Set the conditions under which calls should be diverted and the number to which they should be diverted.

Alternately, you can also use the following USSD codes to activate call divert on your handset.

To forward all calls:
To start, dial **21*number #
To stop, dial ##21#

To forward calls while you’re speaking to someone else:
To start, dial **67*number #
To stop, dial ##67#

To forward calls if you don’t answer the incoming caller within 30 seconds:
To start, dial **61*number #
To stop, dial ##61#

To forward calls if your cell phone is switched off or is out of reach:
To start, dial **62*number #
To stop, dial ##62#

To cancel all preset conditions:
Dial ##002#

What are the charges for call divert services?

You do not have to pay for activation or deactivation of this service. All diverted calls will be charged as outgoing calls made from your Idea number to the diverted number.