Hosted IVR Solution

Idea offers hosted IVR solutions that help Enterprises to manage various business processes without investing on expensive hardware and database servers thereby managing resources in their core business domain.

Key Advantages

  • Pay as use model
  • Faster GTM (go to market)
  • Low risk to technology upgradation
  • Telecom grade infrastructure
  • Higher conectivity uptime
  • GUI based web module

Key Features

  • Idea offers following business feature which are beneficial to Enterprises

  • Solution offered on cloud based architecture, thereby reducing any CAPEX investments
  • Solution Available on both GPRS and USSD channels
  • SMS and email alert management module
  • Integration with Enterprise CRM/ERP through API's
  • Web based reporting module

Typical Use Cases

  • Status Enquiry, booking & appointent management
  • Lead generation
  • Branding activities
  • IVR based credit card payment

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