• Internet Leased Line

    Internet Leased Line
    Idea Internet Leased Line is an Enterprise grade service which offers dedicated (1:1) Full Duplex Internet bandwidth with committed service levels. This is being offered with 1.44 lakh+ route kilometer of fiber and 1.3 lacs+ distribution access Nodes. Idea’s core on DWDM backbone with redundancy protection coupled with domestic peering with local content providers ensures consistent performance of Internet access to Enterprise customers. Idea is the 1st player to deploy 100 Gbps optical fiber backbone network based on ASON technology which provides high reliability, flexibility and scalability. Offers strong wide peering for domestic and international traffic

    Key Features
    • Robust and scalable network
    • Bandwidth option from 2 Mbps to Multiple of Gigs
    • Geo- redundant network with two international gateways
    • Last mile options offered on UBR / Fiber
    • 24*7 service support with centralized NOC
    • Domestic peering with content providers for fast content access

    Key Advantage
    • Clean internet bandwidth being offered with protection from DDOS attack
    • High service uptime with low latency
    • Proactive Monitoring
    • Connectivity solutions with Router ensuring end to end manageability
    • Dedicated relationship manager

    Typical Use case
    • Committed bandwidth for SME & Enterprise to run their mission critical application over internet
    • Bulk bandwidth to ISP for further distribution over Broad Band or Enterprise Clients
    • Symmetric connectivity which is critical for applications like file sharing, hosting websites/ mail servers , video surveillance etc

  • Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS VPN)

    Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS VPN)
    Idea MPLS is an Enterprise solution which enables enterprise to connect their multiple locations for data, voice & video connectivity. Idea MPLS offers 3 differential Class of Service (CoS) to ensure distinguished priority for HD video, IP voice and data traffic with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS). Idea primarily offers Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS.

    Key Features
    • Bandwidth offering from 512 Kbps to multiple of Gigs
    • Access connectivity over Wireline and Wireless (UBR / 3G/ 4G)
    • Support connectivity with Hub & Spoke and Any to Any topology
    • 1 Lac + Cell sites over TDM and Packet Core network
    • 100 Gbps of IP backbone

    Key Advantage
    • Extend Corporate Network – Fast, Reliable, scalable & Flexible
    • Traffic Prioritization for differential traffic : Video, Voice and Data
    • End to End Managed services with real time performance monitoring
    • Option to select different class of Service
    • Self-care portal

    Typical Use Cases
    • Secure communication among countrywide branch locations of banking, financial institutions & FMCG.
    • Remote branch connectivity over 3G / 4G last mile_
    • Running of core application , Video Conference or VOIP across domestic branches
    • Primary or secondary back up connectivity as per customer requirement

  • Enterprise Leased Line

    Enterprise Leased Line (ELL)
    Idea Enterprise Leased Line is a symmetric, secure and dedicated connectivity which can be used to connect two or more Enterprise locations. ELL is a connectivity solution for Video, Voice & data communication between geographically distant locations of an enterprise. This solution is envisioned to enhance business productivity & improve end user experience through seamless connectivity & quick data transfer speeds.

    Key Features
    • Fast and Reliable service
    • Bandwidth options available from 2 Mbps to multiple of Gigs capacity
    • End to End SLA
    • Highly secured connectivity offering

    Key Advantage
    • High uptimes
    • Committed SLA
    • Resilient core Network
    • Low latency
    • 24X7 multi-level service support

    Typical Use case
    • Fast upload of media content and content distribution for Media companies
    • Secure Traffic carriage & distribution in different locations for ISPs
    • Digital signal Broad cast for MSO players
    • DC – DR connectivity for Data centers
    • Internet bandwidth distribution from centralize location