Secured Connectivity Solution (!-SAFE)

Idea !-SAFE solutions help Enterprises provide secured wireless connectivity between remote employees connected through Idea wireless internet data connectivity and enterprise intranet/internet server.

Key Advantages to Enterprises

  • Highly secured wireless data connectivity
  • Low risk to Virus, Spam, hacking, etc
  • Better IT security policy management
  • Prevent over usage of data services

Key Features

  • Idea offers following business features which are beneficial to Enterprises

  • Solution offered on cloud based architecture, thereby reducing any CAPEX investments
  • Solution offers access to only URL’s as mandated by Enterprise IT policy
  • Fully end to end Secured with VPN connectivity
  • Low latency and better throughputs

Typical Use Cases

  • Restricted internet access (URL filtration)
  • Secured Wireless VPN for intranet access application
  • BFSI for POS/ATM connectivity
  • M2M application

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