Cochlear Implant

In India, 3 in 1000 babies born suffer from severe to profound hearing loss, i.e. born deaf. The incidence of hearing loss in Maharashtra is 6000 babies every year. The magnitude of the problem is grave. Modern biotechnology has provided a solution in the form of Cochlear Implants. However, this is an extremely expensive technology which cannot be afforded by the underprivileged children. We support deaf-mute children through cochlear implant so that they can speak and hear and lead a normal life. It is a life changing experience for deaf and mute children. It has enabled children to move out of their world of silence to hear and talk again.

Implementation Partner ENT World LLP (Dr.Ashim A Desai Clinic)

Project objectives:

  • Pre operation counselling to the family and pre evaluation of the child, pre-operative vaccines to prevent infection
  • Cochlear implant and post-operative rehabilitation including switch on and auditory verbal therapy

Project Locations: Maharashtra

Year of Implementation: 2015-16,2016-17 and 2017-18.

Project outreach: 42 deaf and mute children (9 children are covered by the Company’s subsidiaries).