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For details related to IR1499 and IR1599 Click Here

1.  International Roaming Packs

·         Local calls are calls within visited country (For UC2999 pack, call from USA to Canada & vice versa are treated as International call)

·         International calls are calls to destinations other than Local destinations in visited country & calls to India

·         Pack discounts/rates/freebies on IR599 / IR1499 / US1500 are available only on selected networks as specified above.

·         Customers with company owned connections need to contact Relationship Managers for activating these packs

·         All Data rates displayed are per MB. Charging is done per 10 KB.

·         Code for activation will be Tollfree if sent from India only

·         No discounts on calls or sms to INMARSAT, Satellite numbers

·         Packs are activated / deactivated as per Indian Standard Time (IST). E.g. 10 day pack activated at 18.30 hours IST on 1st January will expire at 18.30 hours IST on 11th January.

2.    International Roaming

·         * Commercial Usage policy as per Company Policy applicable

·         2G networks are not available in USA, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Australia. Kindly carry 3G,4G enabled handset in these destinations.

·         Data usage charges during International Roaming would be applicable as per International Roaming Tariffs. To avoid excessive data roaming charges, enable your handset for “Data Roaming” only when you want to use Data services. 

·         To avoid data charging, regular activities of accessing Facebook, WhatsApp, Videos, emails etc, may be restricted.

·         Before going out on International Roaming, it is advised that you contact Idea Customer Care for any queries or updated information in order to enjoy seamless coverage.

·         Please check the Handset compatibility with Network frequency (GSM MHz 850/900/1800/1900) before traveling outside India.

·         CLI will not be guaranteed while roaming due to its limited or non-availability with operators. 

·         Charges for International Roaming may appear partially in subsequent billing cycles due to delay in sending call detail records by international operator.

·         Any change in pricing / call rates due to market fluctuations shall be non-negotiable and Idea shall not be liable to adjust or waive off the amount. 

·         For more Information on the roaming facilities across the countries, please visit your near Idea customer care center or call Idea customer care helpline number. 

·         Postpaid INMARSAT and Satellite calling = Partner operator charge + 15% surcharge. 

·         While roaming with AT&T Cellular-USA charge is applied for unanswered mobile originated calls of duration greater than 29 seconds at applicable rates. 

·         While roaming with T-Mobile USA charge is applied for unanswered mobile originated calls at applicable rates. 

·         Additional Data charges may apply with some operators for connecting to the visited network even if there is no usage. This appears in the bill as charges against 0 Kb usages.

·         For availing International Roaming service Postpaid customers need to pay a monthly rental of Rs 149, security deposit of Rs.3000 (Rs.1000 ISD + Rs.2000 Int.Roaming) if applicable, plus usage charges based on international roaming rates. Prepaid customers may please call Idea customer care to know the monthly rental details.  





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Get Unlimited data & calls on international roaming in 19 countries & Bundled Free usage in 35 other countries! Choose from various popular Idea postpaid International Roaming packs as per your travel duration. Select the country and activate the postpaid International Roaming pack by entering your Idea Postpaid mobile number.

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