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Why 4G

New Possibilities with Idea 4G LTE

Idea 4G, the 4th generation of mobile data technology is here to transform your world. This Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology offers a faster, more reliable broadband experience across smartphones, tablets and laptops. So take off to a whole new level of streaming, downloading and more with Idea 4G.

Idea 4G has been launched pan-India, over 6000 towns on the 1800 & 2100 Mhz band. Check if your town is covered by Idea 4G to experience the world of endless possibilities!

Stay ahead with Idea 4G

If you think speed is all that Idea 4G has to offer then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Besides adding to your streaming experience with speeds similar to home broadband connections, Idea 4G brings with it a gamut of services that demand high bandwidth.

  • icon-01.png Watch videos on the go with quick and seamless video streaming.
  • icon-02.png Bring the excitement of cricket to your mobile phone with LIVE HD television.
  • icon-03.png Enjoy hassle-free exploration as map navigations get quicker, easier and better.
  • icon-04.png Download videos faster than ever at an amazing speed of 6 Mbit/sec.
  • icon-05.png Gear up for multi-player gaming on your mobile phone.
  • icon-06.png Get closer to your loved ones with video-calling.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Idea 4G today.