Promotion & contest



1.     This scheme is being launched on 17th Nov’2017 for the existing customers of the company in Kolkata and West Bengal Circles (includes all prepaid and post-paid) and doing their reverification (Aadhar Linking to Mobile) as per the Company / DoT laid process, till 30th Nov’2017. The company at its sole discretion may choose to extend or reduce the period of this scheme as it may deem fit.

2.     All the customers re-verified on a particular day shall be automatically eligible for the Prize on daily basis.

3.     The “Re-Verified” means the prepaid and post-paid customers of Kolkata and West Bengal Circles, whose re-verification is completed and confirmed as per process. Customers in the category of “Work in Process” on a particular day will not form part of the list of eligible customers for that day. They will become eligible on the day, their re- verification is confirmed as completed as per process.

4.     There will be attempt to communicate, all the customer (not re-verified) so far to have a fair chance of winning gold coin if they do re-verification within this period at a nearest point.

5.     The eligible customer expressly agrees and acknowledges that the participation in the scheme is voluntary.

6.     The lucky draw will be on daily basis comprising of all the eligible verified customers of that day.

7.     The prize will be a single prize consisting of a gold coin of 1 gram to be won on daily basis by one customer selected on random basis from the list of all eligible customers of that particular day.

8.     The lucky customer will be pulled out of all eligible customers of that particular day , on next working day on random basis through system*. The process of drawing the lot will be performed by a neutral person, having no interest in the affairs of the scheme and participants.

9.     The company will make all efforts to contact and inform the winner by way of SMS and over telephone on the winning mobile number. After the date of announcing the winner, the company will attempt to contact him/her on his/her winning mobile number over the next two working days, however in the event of non-contactability of the customer; the claim on the prize of that particular day will be lapsed.

10.     The timing/ date of the prize delivery shall be informed to the winner as per convenience of the company.

11.     The prize will have to be collected from the Company’s Circle office or any of the Zonal offices in the West Bengal Circle. The company will also make efforts, upon its convenience, to deliver the prize at any other location (any of its Stores / Distributor offices). This effort, will be for the information and the convenience of the winning customer, will be at his/her sole risk & consequences.

12.     The winner will be required to collect the prize from designated place, as communicated above by showing his/her Aadhar Card in original and on submission of self-attested copy of the same.

13.     The winner needs to give acknowledgement in the company prescribed format.

14.     List of eligible customers to be replaced every day till end of the scheme(30-11-2017) or the scheme period, whichever is earlier.

15.     Neither the employees & associates of the Company or of its channel partners nor the family members or the relatives of employees & associates of the Company or channel partners are eligible to participate in this scheme.

16.     The Company shall not reimburse any costs that the Winner might incur while collecting the Prizes.

17.      The prize shall be non-transferable and non-exchangeable in any other form and to be won and handed over to the actual subscriber as per the record of the company.

18.     The prize need to be collected within a maximum period of 90 days from the date of intimation made to the winner about winning of the prize. No claim of the prize shall be entertained after the expiry of the said maximum period of 90 days.

19.     The decision of the Company in respect of all transactions / award of prizes under this scheme shall be final and binding.

20.      The prize(s) to the winner shall be given subject to-(a) the compliance with all applicable statutory legislations / processes /formalities in connection with the prize(s); (b) on payment of all relevant government/statutory taxes/levies (as may be applicable) by the customer; (c) on production all such documents / papers as required by the company before accepting the delivery of the prize; and (d) complying with all relevant T&C. Any failure on the part of the winner to comply with directions issued by Company, or in the event of any ambiguity / uncertainty / unavailability of the winner, Idea, in its own discretion will be entitled to cancel the prize(s) for the said winner(s) and may proceed to select other winner through same process.

21.     The company will make efforts to procure the Prize (product) from a standard supplier / seller. The company shall not be responsible in any manner about the product quality of the prize and shall be solely dependent of warranties of the producer /manufacturer/ supplier / seller of the product.

22.     Company or it's Directors/ Officers/ Affiliated Companies will in no manner, be responsible for circumstances beyond its control, including force-majeures which might hinder the completion of the scheme.

23.     Any disputes (if any) in this regard are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Kolkata.


*System means one sample picked on random basis (with the help of  Microsoft Excel based formula) out of eligible customers base on that particular day without  manual intervention in the process.