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T & C details of 4G Carnival – AP circle

Terms & Conditions:

1.       This offer is applicable only for the Postpaid connections activated under ESP (Easy Share Plan) plans of Rs.499 & above for Net-setters & Smart Wi-Fi only and or any other offer notified by IDEA from time to time. The said plans may be revised by IDEA at its sole-discretion without any prior intimation or notification.

2.       SUBSCRIBER shall avail the said Postpaid connection from the limited MY IDEA outlets as notified by IDEA, as the said offer is not applicable to all the My IDEA outlets.

3.       SUBSCRIBER shall activate the mobile connection by dialling the 59059 from his/ her mobile handset in order to receive the VR Headset.

4.       IDEA shall deliver the VR Headset within 3-4 working days from the date of successful activation of the mobile connection as per clause 1 above. The said VR Headset will be provided to the same person as specified/ indicated in the Customer Application Form submitted by the Subscriber at the time of availing the mobile connection from IDEA.

5.       The said VR Headset cannot be converted into money or any other means.

6.       IDEA shall not be responsible for any damage if caused to the mobile handset due to the usage of the provided VR Headset.

7.       IDEA shall not be responsible for any damage, if sustained by the SUBSCRIBER due to the usage of the VR Headset with his/ her mobile handset.

8.       IDEA does not guarantee the quality of the VR Headset. The VR Headset is being handed over on as is basis as has been provided by the Original Equipment Manufacturer. IDEA does not warrant and represent that the VR Headset under this offer shall confirm to any warranty of fitness for any particular purpose or quality. The SUBSCRIBER shall contact and or approach the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the VR Headset in case of any query, loss, damage, fault, problem, failure, defect, etc. In no circumstance, IDEA shall assume any liability for any query, loss, damage, fault, problem, failure, defect, etc. regarding the said VR Headset.

9.       This is a limited period offer and valid subject to the availability of the VR Headset.

10.   This offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer.

11.   This offer may be cancelled at any time without any prior intimation or notification and in such case, IDEA is not responsible to provide the VR Headset to the SUBSCRIBER.