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Prepaid User Guide

Welcome to idea


Welcome to a whole new world of Idea. Idea is about simple thoughts that have the power to enhance and change your life for the better. Now that you have the Idea edge, you can avail of unique services for the very first time. So go ahead, reach out to family and friends in a closer, cost effective and more personalized manner.


Getting started

Just insert your Idea SIM in your handset, switch on your phone and make sure your battery is fully charged. To start using the service you would need to recharge your prepaid account.

Stay in touch with anyone, anytime, anywhere.


Getting connected

How to make a local call?

  • To any land line phone - Dial <STD Code> and <8 digit landline number> e.g. 0674 272xxxx for a number in Orissa.

  • To any mobile phone - Dial <10-digit mobile number> e.g. 90900xxxxx

  • 3-digit emergency number (toll free). Dial directly 3-digits, e.g. Police 100, Ambulance 102, Fire 103

How to make an STD call?

  • To any landline phone - Dial the relevant <STD code> of the place you want to call and <landline number> e.g. 0112486xxxx

  • To any mobile phone - Dial 0 and <10-digit mobile number> e.g. 09891xxxxxx

How to make an ISD call?

  • To any landline Dial 00 <Country Code> <City Code> <landline number> e.g. 001510xxxxxxx

  • To any mobile - Dial 00 cCountry Code> cmobile number> e.g. 001510xxxxxxx



Anytime. Anywhere. Any amount.

The calling value on your Idea prepaid keeps reducing as

you make calls or use our host of other services.

You can recharge your Idea prepaid in 4 different ways:

  • Recharge Card: Recharge coupons of various denominations are available with Idea retailer near you.

  1. Gently scratch the silver strip to reveal the 16 digit code number.

  2. To recharge, just dial *223*<voucher code># and press OK. Your Idea prepaid will be recharged instantly.

  • V top-up (Mobile to Mobile recharge): Just give your Idea number and the amount to be recharged to the retailer. Select a recharge value from ? 1 to 10,000, as per your tariff plan eligibility. This facility you can also avail while roaming anywhere across the country. You can also recharge your number on our website in instant Recharge section.

  • Select Bank ATM's also offer you Idea recharge facility. As soon as you recharge, you'll receive a confirmation SMS immediately.


. The expiry date is printed on each recharge card. Use it before it expires.

. Your Idea mobile phone will stop working when the account value is too low to make a call or zero or if your validity period has expired.

. You need to recharge within the grace period of 90 days or your Idea prepaid will become invalid.

What's my account balance?

To check your talktime balance available on your Idea phone, just dial *212# and listen to the annoucement.

Value Vouchers: You can avail special tariffs on STD, ISD calls, Night Calls with Idea Value Vouchers. Please check current offers with retailer or our Customer Care.




Value Added Services

Enjoy a whole range of Idea Value Added Services that provides you entertainment and information, anytime, anywhere.


How to send an SMS?

Just press the 'Menu' button of your phone> Select the 'Message' option> Select 'New Messaged Type your message> Type the number to which you intend to send message> Choose the 'send' option and your message will be sent.

Special SMS Packs: Check our special offers on SMS packs. Please check current offers with retailer or our customer care.

Dialer Tones: To get information & for activation dial 56789 (tollfree). Subscription charges: ?39/30 Days, Song charges : ?15 for 90 days.

Say Idea: Dial 55456 and download your favourite Dialer tones, Ring tones, Songs, Cricket Score & more. Call Charges: ?6.99/min.

Celebrity Chat : Talk to your favourite celebrity with Idea, charges: ?30/30 Days. Dial *586#.

Friendship online: Dial 566945 @?5/min & make new friends.

Mobile Internet: Chat, Mail, Search for movies, restaurants etc. or Socialize with your friends and loved ones on Idea Mobile Internet. To get Mobile Internet on your phone, Just SMS SET to 54671 (toll free) & Save the settings you will receive.

Default tariff: 4p/10kb. Call Customer Care for attractive GPRS tariffs.

Idea Fresh: Idea Fresh is a one stop destination for all your entertainment, infotainment and mobile personalization needs. Download from a vast bouquet of products and services ranging from the evergreen ringtones to latest videos, hottest gossips in Bollywood to wallpapers of your favourite international stars. To access Idea Fresh, Nokia users hold on the 0 button on your mobile for few seconds or type your mobile browser.

Dialer Tone: Let your caller know your name before you pick the call. SMS<Your Name> to 56789 (Toll Free) charges: ?39/30 Days.

Missed Call Alert: This service keeps you informed about the incoming calls you have missed when your phone was switched off or your phone was not reachable as you were out of coverage area. Dial 55715 to activate. Subscription charges: ?30/30 Days.

Job Alerts: Get alerts of new job openings which match your resume or profile and apply to those jobs from your Idea mobile. To activate idea job alerts just dial our toll free number *801*1#. Subscription charges: ?30/30 Days.

Cricket Alerts: Enjoy cricket match alerts on your phone!. Dial *567*1531# (toll free) to get SMS cricket alerts. Subscription charges ?60/month.

Note: Subscription charges will vary based on service selected.


Seamless Roaming

Keep in touch with your loved ones when away from home.

Across India Roaming on idea Prepaid at `1/min for incoming and local outgoing; `1.50/min for STD outgoing.

Global Roaming across the world at no security deposit and no monthly rental.

Before leaving for an International trip, please visit to check our prepaid partner network in the country that you intend to visit or call Idea Customer Care for details.


Idea-at your service

24 hour care

If you need any help then do get in touch with us.

You can call Idea Customer Care on 9090012345 anytime. You can also email us at Access all information on latest Products/Tariff/VAS on the move. Simply dial *121*4# (toll free) and get all your account related information online. Dial 121 (toll free) for online recharge & other information about Idea products & VAS.

My Idea showroom

For further assistance you can also visit the nearest My Idea showroom. To find a My Idea showroom close to you, log on to or call Customer Care.

Consumer Grievance Redressal

If you have any concerns with our response to the complaint raised by you, please feel free to contact our nodal officer on 0674-2725920 Extn. - 9414 anytime from Monday to Friday between 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

The nodal officer will get back to you through your preferred mode of contact with a solution within 3 working days. As a final mechanism for grievance resolution you may contact the Appellate Authority on 9090010078 or send an email on


If you loss your SIM Card

You can get a new one issued at any My Idea or Idea Point showroom after due verifications. While there will be a nominal charge, your Idea number will not change. Contact us on our Customer Care number to report the loss of your Idea SIM card. We will block your card to avoid misuse.


To Activate, 4G just follow this Steps

For Existing Subscriber: • Type SIM<enter full sim no. of new 4G SIM> & SMS it to 12345 (toll free) from your existing SIM & mobile no. • Once you lose signal on your mobile phone, insert the new 4G SIM in your 4G handset SIM slot. In case you use a 4G Handset with multiple SIM slots, then it is recommended that you use SIM slot 1 for better performance

  • Choose LTE or 4G as network setting on your 4G Handset

  • Ensure to recharge or Opt for a suitable 4G Pack/Plan so that you can avail 4G speed: For information on 4G Packs/ Plans & instructions for activation » Dial *121# from your Idea mobile number OR, » Visit our website » Alternatively, You can access the My Idea App

For New Subscriber:

  • Insert the new 4G SIM in your 4G handset SIM slot. In case you use a 4G Handset with multiple SIM slots, then it is recommended that you use SIM slot 1 for better performance

  • Choose LTE or 4G as network setting on your 4G Handset

  • Dial 1925 & select option 1 or simply type <START> & SMS it to 1925 to activate data service (Toll Free).

Ensure to recharge or Opt for a suitable 4G Pack/Plan so that you can avail 4G speed: For information on 4G Packs/ Plans & instructions for activation » Dial *121*999# from your Idea mobile number OR, » Visit our website » Alternatively, You can access the My Idea App



1. What is 4G? 4G also known as LTE (Long Term Evolution) stands for 4th Generation of mobile communication. As the name suggests, it is the latest in mobile technology offering you much higher internet speed!

2. What can I do with 4G? It’s all about Speed! With 4G now you can: • Browse the internet at great speed • Faster streaming of videos, movies, music etc. • Faster uploading/downloading of images, videos, games etc.

3. Will 4G work on any Handset? • 4G will work only on a 4G compatible handset & should support 4G on 1800MHz (Band 3) • You need to use 4G SIM with a 4G subscription in a 4G handset to avail 4G service

In case you use a multi SIM slot 4G handset, then it is recommended that you use the SIM slot which has 4G support. Typically it is SIM slot 1

Check your Handset compatibility now! Just type <CHECK> from your handset and sms it to 12345 (Toll Free) or visit our website for handset compatibility details

4. How do I set 4G on my Handset? Just follow these simple steps on your phone: • IOS Phones: Settings -> Mobile Data -> choose LTE • Android Phones: Settings -> Cellular network settings -> choose LTE/WCDMA/GSM (Auto) as your preferred network type

Windows Phones: Settings -> Mobile+SIM - > Highest connect speed -> select 4G

For more details on handset settings, please call us at 12345

5. How do I know if I am on 4G network? Just look for the network bar on the screen of your mobile phone. If the display is 4G or LTE next to the network bar, then you’re definitely on 4G!

6. Where does Idea have 4G Coverage? To get a detailed information on our 4G coverage, please visit our website:

7. Will I be able to use 4G while Roaming? Yes, you will be able to use 4G services while roaming across select circles & cities where Idea has 4G coverage. You can use the 4G services even while you roam internationally in select countries.

For more details, please visit our website:


We care for your privacy

dea contacts you for various new offers and promotions that provide immense benefit. However, in the event of you not desiring to receive any such offers from us, please let us know. We will ensure that you are not disturbed. All you need to do is contact us or visit our website and register for our DND (Do Not Disturb) facility by sending an SMS 'STARTDND' to 1909. We will complete the procedures within 7 working days, post which you will not receive any promotional communications. For more details visit our website

You can access Prepaid Tariffs, On-Line Recharges, VAS Services and Roaming Charges all through the Home Page of the Idea Cellular Website.

We hope you enjoy Idea's array of communication solutions.


Terms and Conditions

SIM/Service issued are non-transferable to any person, firm or company. For any intended transfer of SIM/Service, approval/permission given by Idea would be final. Subscriber shall make the payments to the company as per the bill plan selected subject to any change in its tariff plan structure. Company reserves the right to revise the tariff plans without prior notice.

Company shall not be responsible for any privilege or benefits which are not authorized by the company & are extended to subscribers by dealers, franchisees etc.

For detailed Terms & Conditions of services please refer to your Customer Application Form or please view the Manual of Practice available on our website