Promotion & contest

KHUSHIYON KI BARISH - Rajasthan Circle



Contest period:  5th August 2016 to  29th September 2016


Circle: Rajasthan


  • This contest is run by Idea Cellular Limited, Rajasthan, for the pre-paid category of the Idea Cellular subscribers of Rajasthan Circle.

    • Definition

      • For the purpose of this challenge, the following terms shall have the meanings defined below when used in capital letters herein:

      • Subscriber” shall means the prepaid customer and rightful user of the Idea mobile connection, (i) in whose name the mobile phone number is registered, or (ii) the employee, who is the user of the phone, if the phone is registered in the name of a company, provided that company issues a letter stating that the employee has been allotted the specific phone number.

      • Contest” means the herein featured contest detailed in these terms and conditions.

      • Offer Period” means the period commencing from 5th August 2016 00:00:01 hrs. till 29th September 2016 23:59:59 hrs.

      • Gratification” shall mean and be limited to the benefits detailed in these terms and conditions.

      • Circle” shall mean and include Rajasthan Circle of Idea cellular Limited.

  • A Subscriber, by participating in the challenge hereby agrees to the Terms and Conditions mentioned below and gives his/her consent to the criteria and process of declaring the Top Performers for Gratifications as set out herein, and any appropriate changes that may be made to this challenge by Idea Cellular Limited due to any legal or regulatory requirement, instructions from any judicial or a quasi-judicial body or due to any natural calamity beyond the reasonable control of Idea Cellular Limited, its affiliates and associates.

  • Also, by participating in this Challenge, the Subscriber:

  • Warrants that Participant has read, understood and agreed to conform to these Terms and Conditions.

  • Warrants that the accuracy, truthfulness and currency of all information that Participant may have submitted.

  • These Terms and Conditions are available on the Website at the following address: (“Website”). The terms and conditions can be amended or varied from time to time or withdrawn and therefore, please visit the Website periodically to keep you updated and informed.

  • By participating in this Challenge, the Participant/Subscriber indicates his/her acknowledgement and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

  • The Participant / Subscriber hereby agrees that all incidental costs/taxes/levies related to the Gratification(s), if any, shall be exclusively borne by the Subscriber, which shall be including but not limited to TDS, and any other taxes applicable by the Central, State or Municipal government.

  • The contest period may be reduced or extended at the sole discretion of Idea Cellular Ltd OR the Contest may be withdrawn by Idea Cellular Ltd at any time  at its own discretion and without notice

  • All disputes and differences subject to Court at Jaipur




  1. Participants must have attained an age of 18 years as on the date of opening of the contest

  2. Participant must have a valid driving license to be eligible for Bumper Prize Contest

  3. Participant must be a citizen of India

  4. Participant must comply to any and all Legal and statutory Requirement including TDS under Indian Income Tax Act

  5. Participant must have the legal capacity to enter into Legal contract and bind himself and must not be under any legal disability such as Insolvency, restraint by court.

  6. Subscriber must not have been either prosecuted or convicted for any criminal offence nor be of an unsound mind

  7. Subscriber must be an active prepaid subscriber of IDEA, Rajasthan Circle during the selection and announcement of winner

  8. Contest not open for employees and their relatives, distributors, franchisees, agents and suppliers of Idea

  9. Subscriber who win Bumper prize in any fortnight will not be eligible for subsequent fortnightly Bumper Prize during the entire Contest period

Bumper Prize: Motorbike worth up to Rs. 50000/- Bumper price winner responsibility to get the vehicle registered and insured as well as compliance to any other statutory, legal, regulatory requirement at his/her own cost.




  • Subscriber has to give miss call on toll free Number 121888 every day

  • Bumper Prize winner will be announced every fortnight based on the below parameter:

  • Subscriber has to give daily miss call on Toll free Number 121888 (Entire fortnight preceding the Bumper Prize declaration day; and has also maximum outgoing minutes Usage during the fortnight. Outgoing call to any and all toll free numbers shall not be considered to calculate and compute the total minute of outgoing usage of the participant subscriber.


  • Only those subscriber will be eligible for bumper prize who has atleast for 14 days continuously given miss call on Toll free Number 121888 and has also a maximum minutes of outgoing Usage among the participants in the same fortnight period. Those not meeting the criteria will not be considered for Bumper Prize. Further eligibility parameter of 14 day continuous miss call and maximum minutes of outgoing usage will be for the each fortnight period and part of miss call made and minutes of outgoing Usage in preceding fortnight will not be added in subsequent fortnight to enable a subscriber to be considered for Bumper Prize.




Filter Out only Prepaid Subscriber of Idea Rajasthan


Step 2

Filter out those subscriber (identified in Step 1) who has qualified based on 14 days daily miss call made on toll free number 121888 within the same fortnight period


Step 3

Filter out those subscriber (identified in Step 2) who has also maximum minutes of Usage. The list of such subscriber with Minutes of Usage will be drawn and validated by an Auditor appointed by Idea and winner will be declared on the basis of Maximum Minutes of Usage). In the event of Tie between two or more participating contestant, the subscriber with longest ageing on the Network of ICL. In the event of any tie on this account, subscriber who is older in age(as per the record of ICL) and even if there is tie again than whose name appears first as per English Alphabet arrangement will be declared winner of the bumper prize.

* Outgoing call to any and all toll free numbers shall not be considered to calculate and compute the total minute of outgoing usage of the participant subscriber


NOTE -Participants giving miss call may also win some gratification in terms of data/voice talk time/SMS as per below table and the winners will be credited their respective benefits within 72 hours


Sr. No.





I2I Mins


2 days


I2I Night Mins


2 days



25/50 MB

2 days




2 days


i2i SMS


30 days


Talk Time

Rs 100



  • The prizes shall not be transferable/redeemable for cash. Apart from the entitlement to the prize(s) won, the Winner(s) or their legal heirs will have no other rights or claims against Idea. Idea shall not be responsible for any miscommunication and/or false commitment/assurances made to the subscriber by any unauthorized person with regard to the scheme.

  • All the TDS liability as per the rules and regulations of Income Tax Act, 1961 will be borne by the Subscriber. All incidental costs/taxes/levies related to the prize(s) shall be exclusively borne by the Subscriber.

  • The Winners will be required to sign receipts, affidavits, indemnity, agreements and/or documents as required by the Idea at the time of delivery of prizes.

  • The Winner(s) hereby irrevocably authorize Idea that it shall be entitled to use and disclose the winner’s photograph, name, mobile number and address in its any communications including marketing promotions and advertisements along with/without Idea’s brand.

  • Idea is neither responsible nor guarantees the quality of the goods/services being offered as prizes nor is liable for any defect or deficiency of goods or services so obtained/availed by winning customer under this Scheme. Idea does not warranty the quality, merchantability and fitness of the product/service for a particular purpose. The customer cannot hold Idea liable for, any claims, losses, damages, deficiency of service, and delay in service, cost and expense which the customer may suffer due to participating in the Scheme.

  • Shape, Size, make and model of the prize may differ from picture shown on the leaf lets or any other publicity material, communication and shall be at the sole discretion of Idea.

  • The fortnight/ bumper Winners will be required to submit ID proof, address proof and/or documents as required by the Idea at the time of delivery of prizes.

    • IDEA will not be responsible for any loss, damage, claimed/demanded by the subscribers due to any of the following reasons:-

      • Subscriber is unable to dial on this short code i.e (121888) in this offer.

      • Subscriber is unable to understand the terms and conditions of the Contest

      • Subscriber is unable to understand the process of participation or is unable to participate in the Contest;

      • Subscriber is declared as a winner but the age of the subscriber is less than 18 years or is incompetent to enter into a contract;

      • Any other reason, event, error or incidence not within the control of IDEA

    • The Bumper prize winners have to submit the necessary documents and comply with the legal requirements, within 3 days of first intimation by Idea through SMS and call, announcing them as winners for claiming the prize. In event of failure to do so, the eligible participant with the next highest number of minutes of usage during that fortnight will be considered and contacted for giving the prize. Idea Cellular Ltd. will attempt to contact upto the top 10 participants in decreasing order of minutes of usages to arrive at a winner.