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Idea Nirvana Post Plans

Basic Terms & Conditions
1. Applicable Taxes extra
2. There is a single portfolio of plans called Idea Nirvana plans. These are individual plans and the same can be used by customers who want to enjoy benefits of Family
3. Outgoing Roaming starts from 499 plan onwards – Only 389 plan doesn’t offer OG roaming free.
4. Data benefits with the Idea Nirvana plans are circle RAT specific, i.e. 4G/2G benefits in MU,KK,TN, OR,WB, AS & NE; 3G/2G for DL and Kol and 4G/3G/2G for all other telecom circles
5. Post consumption of promotional data, carry forward and eligible individual plan benefits (including family bonus), the customer will be charged overage and proration Rs. 100 / GB (1p/105KB)
6. Any promotional data pack, Booster, Add-on Pack or family bonus data is not eligible for carry forward of unused data. The carry forward data will be consumed before the consumption of plan’s regular data benefits.
7. ISD Mins are free for calls made to specific zones and codes (as per the annexure 1) in the 7 countries. Post free mins, standard ISD rates would be applicable for the ISD calls.
8. Idea Phone secure feature is bundled with the plan. Available from 499 onwards (free for 4 Months) and on 2999 plan the same is free for 12 Months. The free period of the offer starts upon subscription of the Idea Phone Secure feature through a separate Idea Phone Secure App. The link of this App will sent to customer once a customer moves to Nirvana plans. The link to download Idea Phone secure app is also available in My Idea App. (Details in a section below)
9. Infotainment Apps: Free for 12 Months (Music / Movies / Games). The free period starts from the date of activation of the plan (for the first time) by the subscriber. Available on both acquisition and plan change. Post 12 Months free trial period the subscriber to be charged at open market rates. (Details in the section below)
10. Idea Magazine is another infotainment app which comes free with the new Idea Nirvana plans. Available from 499 onwards the same is free for 4 Months and on 2999 the same is free for 12 Months. Free Offer to the subscriber includes 5 magazines free for the month
11. All subscribers coming in with Idea Nirvana at rentals >=499 will be tagged automatically as an Idea Select Subscriber. He gets the following benefits:
a. Priority Routing at Call Centers
b. Priority service at MI / CRS
c. Partner brand offers through My Idea `App
12. Default charges of SMS post 100 SMS/Day & on Blackout days would be Rs. 1/1.5(Local/National).
13. ISD SMS to be charged at Rs.5/SMS
14. The rental and benefits for the above plans would be prorated in nature. We have moved from the first bill proration only to all proration.
15. Rs. 300 to be charged at Security Deposit against these plans.
Family Benefit Details
1. Before adding a connection as a family add on the customer needs to be migrated to any of the new Idea Nirvana plans starting from Rs. 389 rental. All individual benefits of the plan to continue for the family add on connection also.
2. A max of 6 (1 primary number + 5 family Add on) connections in the family with a single bill in the name of the Primary Customer. All connections in the family will be under the primary customer’s name.
3. A discount of 20% to be applied on the total cumulative rental of the family. Total cumulative rental is the sum of bill plan rental of the individual plans of primary and family add on connections.
4. A Family Bonus data of up to 20 GB (in pool) to be applied for the family subscribers. The size of the pool depends upon the count of connections as tabulated below. All members of the family need to give data consent (if not already given) to use the family bonus data benefits.
Family Size Pooled data benefits
1+ upto 2 Add on 10 GB
1 + >2 Add on 20 GB
5. Family data bonus would increase or decrease based on the numbers of family add on connections as mentioned in 4th point.
6. Family Exclusive features through the My Idea App except Family Connect
A. Parental Control – This feature in the app enables the customer to switch off / switch on data of the family add-on connections as and when required.
a. The data barring for the add-on would happen only when the existing data quota (allocated before the barring request) is consumed by the add-on or the existing session is closed
b. For the add-on to start using data (once the parent sends data activation request from app), the add-on member should switch-OFF and then switch-ON the mobile phone
B. Smart Alert – This feature allows you to send SMS alerts to family add-on with a single click of a button. The feature is chargeable at Rs. 30 / Months but is bundled free for 3 Months with the plan.
C. Family Tunes – Customers on Idea Nirvana Family Plans can enjoy the Family tunes by name, festivity specific tunes etc. This is available in the Dialer Tones Section in the MI App. However Family Plan users get 50% discount on the DT rental (to be charged at Rs. 20/Month instead of Rs. 39/Month). This service is chargeable from the first month itself.
D. Family Connect – This helps family members track each other on the move. This is a cell site based tracking solution on a USSD based app in which the subscriber dials *988*1# and registers Family Size Pooled data benefits
himself. He then adds his family members. On addition a SMS is triggered to the add-on connection for the consent.
Any existing Idea subscriber wishes to add family add-ons with Idea Nirvana Plans, the same can be done through My Idea/ CRS only.
Data Carry Forward
1. The accumulated data type will be as per base plan data (4G/3G/2G, 3G/2G or 4G/2G) of the subscriber
2. All Idea Nirvana plans to include individual data carry forward benefits of up to 200 GB (on plans till 1299 rental) and up to 500 GB (on plans above 1299 rental).
3. Existing postpaid customer needs to migrate to the new Idea Nirvana plans to avail the benefits of data carry forward of unused base plan data.
4. The accumulated data is valid till the subscriber continues with the existing plan or upgrades to higher rental base plan only. There is no validity of data, only maximum accumulation cap as mentioned above is defined on each plan.
5. The accumulated data balance will be reset to “0” in case of subscriber downgrades to ANY lower rental base plan
6. This Offer is only applicable on the Idea Nirvana base plan data quota and any data left unused from Add-On Packs, pre-on-post data packs, daily data packs, Weekend packs, Boosters or any other (including special/promotional) data packs will not be covered under this Offer. The unused Family bonus data cannot be carry forwarded too.
7. This Offer cannot be combined with any other promotional data offer provided by Idea
8. The benefit under this offer is not transferable
9. No exchange or redemption for an equivalent cash amount or in any other form shall be allowed
10. This Offer is only applicable if all bill payments are regular and within the payment due date
11. Once lost, the accumulated data would not be credited to the user under any circumstance/s
Idea Phone Secure
1. These terms and conditions will constitute a binding contract between You and IDEA. These terms explain your consent and acceptance of obligations towards IDEA when You avail the Product and use the application or any related third party application, as the case may be.
• IDEA Phone Secure is an application software providing Device Security Solutions through Shot Formats and is available for IDEA Active Postpaid Subscribers only;
• The Product is brought by Shot Formats for interested Active Subscribers of IDEA and IDEA will not be responsible or liable with regard to any information (including personal information) that You share with Shot Formats or other third parties while using this Product. You agree to use the Product solely at your risk and consequences thereof.
• An Active Subscriber of IDEA shall mean a Subscriber who uses IDEA Subscriber Identity Module (“SIM”) on a regular basis; You hereby authorize IDEA to share your mobile number and related information with its partners so as to enable You to avail all the features of the Product. Your personal information will be stored and processed as mentioned herein and in accordance with IDEA Privacy Policy.
• IDEA has no responsibility and liability with regard to the privacy, safety and security of any information (including personal information) that You may have to share independently with Shot Formats for availing Idea Phone Secure. IDEA disclaims any liability or any responsibility in this behalf.
• IDEA disclaims any Product liability, defect, non-performance or application / service-related issues related to the Product. All such issues or disputes will be directly settled between You and Shot Formats. No such complaint of request will be entertained by IDEA
• For availing the Device Security Solution, You will have to abide by, consent and accept separate Terms & Conditions as stated by Shot Formats available on app, which are independent of these terms and conditions.
• Upon successful registration, You will be charged Rs. 60/- per month or as per the applicable plan for the next 12 months as a subscription fee for availing the Product.
• Device Security is linked to a unique combination of Your mobile number and the device that is in use during the time of registration. Your subscription on Device Security will end in case You change any one of them during the subscription period. In such a scenario, Your subscription will end and You will cease to avail the Product; You will accordingly be charged only for the current month for Device Security and no further. You can also choose to register afresh, with a new device or new mobile number or both (as the case may be) to start a new subscription of Device Security.
• This service is exclusively available to active IDEA subscribers. Your subscription of Idea Phone Secure will end with the subscription of IDEA in all means, should You choose to unsubscribe from IDEA network before the completion of the 12 month subscription period of the Idea Phone Secure. In such a scenario, You will only have to settle the current month’s charges of Device Security and no further.
• In case of non-payment of charges toward IDEA monthly bills/recharges or Idea Phone Secure, Device Security will not be available as per barring/suspension norms of IDEA or both.
• You acknowledge that from time to time, the availability of the application software may be limited due to maintenance, upgrade or other technical reasons as relevant.
• Smartphone users acknowledge that they may from time to time receive upgraded versions of the application software, to which these terms and conditions will apply. Normal data charges as per Your network tariff plan will apply when downloading the updated application.
2. This Product is provided on an "as is- as available" basis and no guarantee, warranty or representation is made regarding the merchantability or fitness of the Product for any purpose. Further, no guarantee, warranty or representation is made as to the Product being error free or continuously available. Consequently, We shall not be liable for any claim regarding the availability (or lack thereof) of the Product and/or the bandwidth/ speed available. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, in no event shall We or Our subsidiaries and affiliates, and their respective officers, directors, owners, agents, employees, representatives and licensors be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, consequential, punitive or exemplary losses or damages whatsoever or for loss of profits (including, without limitation, damages for loss of revenue, loss of data, failure to realize expected savings, interruption of activities, loss of privacy, corruption or loss of data, failure to receive or backup Your data (or archived data) or any other pecuniary or economic loss) and whether arising from breach of contract, damages (including negligence), strict liability or otherwise, arising out of the use of or inability to use the Product.
• We may in our sole discretion amend these Terms and Conditions from time to time without any prior notice. Such change shall be notified on the website Your use of the Product after such notice of any change shall be deemed to be Your acceptance to such amended Terms and Conditions.
• You agree that You will be responsible for any damages resulting from any violation of these Terms and Conditions to the fullest extent of the law. You further agree to indemnify and hold IDEA and its affiliates, officers, directors, agents and employees, harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of these terms, or any violation of any law or the rights of any third party that occurs in connection with your use of the Product.
• These terms and conditions are governed in accordance with the laws of India. Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts in Mumbai.
3. Benefits of Idea Phone Secure - Device Security Solutions (“Product”) are available to customers availing Idea Nirvana Plans with a monthly rental of Rs.499/- per month or above, for a handset less than 6 months old and in perfect working condition, as determined by the App. The subscription expires after the period of one year from the date of registration.
4. Customers on Idea Nirvana Plans 499 to 1999 will get Idea Phone Secure subscription free for first 4 months. After 4 months, monthly rental charging @Rs.60 will start and continue till the expiry of subscription.
5. Customers on Idea Nirvana Plans of 2999 will get Idea Phone Secure subscription free for 12 months. After 12 months, subscription will expire unless customer has registered new device in which case, chargeable subscription will start till the new subscription expiry.
6. Rs. 60/- per month X 12 months, i.e. Rs. 720/- is the annual subscription fee for Idea Phone Secure. These charges will be added to your monthly bill, for a period of 12 months from registration. Idea Nirvana Plan customers will receive discount for a period of 4/12 months as per their plan.
7. Free subscription period will start only after the customer is on the eligible plans and successfully registers & subscribes for Device Security Solution on Idea Phone Secure App. Customers can download the Idea Phone Secure App from My Idea App/Google Play Store/ App Store.
8. Whenever customer claims for handset damage/theft, then he will be charged total subscription amount for remaining chargeable months immediately in the next bill and further monthly charging will discontinue.
9. In case customer changes his plan before expiry of free subscription period:
• In case of migration to plan with higher free period, the free period to increase.
• In case of migration to plan with lower free period, the free period to decrease.
• In case of migration to any plan with no free subscription, charging to start immediately.
10. In case customer changes his plan after expiry of free subscription period:
• In case of migration to plan with higher free period, the free period to increase.
• In case of migration to any plan with same/lower/no free subscription period, charging to continue.
11. In case of plan change, customer will receive notification about change in subscription charges.
12. In case customer’s Idea connection gets Permanently Disconnected for any reason, subscription will discontinue immediately. In case the customer’s Idea Connections get temporarily suspended due to any reason, customer will be granted grace period of 15 days for connection revival. If the connection is not revived within 15 days, then the subscription will be discontinued.
13. In case customer changes his handset and registers a new device for Idea Phone Secure, then subscription period will be restarted but charging would remain free only for the remaining months as listed in plan. However, if the customer has claimed insurance on old device even once, then for new device subscription will start with monthly fees @Rs.60 for 12 months without any discount period.
14. For handset protection, the sum insured will be equipment value as mentioned in the purchase invoice or declared value by insured, whichever is lower subject to maximum of INR 50000.
15. During the subscription period, customer can raise maximum 2 claims, however, the balance amount left after the first claim, will be used for coverage amount of second claim.
16. The details provided by the customer at the time of registration will be treated as final and at the time of claim, the documents should match the declared details for successful processing of claim. In case of any mismatch the claim will not be processed.
17. Idea Phone Secure is a third party application brought to you by Shotformats Digital Productions Pvt. Ltd. (“Shotformats”). Idea Cellular Limited (ICL) (Idea) are only distributing the Product and will not be responsible or liable with regard to any information (including personal information) that customer shares with Shotformats or other third parties while using this Product.
18. Idea has no responsibility and liability with regard to the privacy, safety and security of any information (including personal information) that customer may have to share independently with Shotformats for availing Idea Phone Secure - Device Security Solution.
19. For detailed terms and conditions governing the use of Idea Phone Secure Application Software, please refer to the Idea Phone Secure App.
Infotainment Apps: Idea Movies and Live TV, Idea Games, Idea Music, Magazines
1. Validity, opt-out and plan migration:
a. Your access to Idea Movies & TV, Idea Games, Idea Music, Magazines will be valid from the date of activation of Plan regardless of the day you start using any / all of the apps
b. Your access to Idea Movies & TV, Idea Music, Idea Games apps will be available for free only for 12 months from the date of activation of Plan. Magazines access will be 4 months/12 months depending on the plan. Please note that not all plans have free magazine access.
c. Once your 4 months/12 months of free access to Infotainment Apps has ended or if you opt out of the plan before the end of 4 months/12 months from date of activation, one of the following will happen to your access to Infotainment apps. This will depend on the choice you would have made at the time of first use of any / all of the Infotainment apps:
 If you have consented to opt for paid subscription to any / all of the Infotainment Apps, you will be charged as per the consent provided.
 The following subscription charges will be applied for Infotainment Apps:
o Idea Movies & Live TV – Rs. 49 per month
o Idea Music - Rs. 49 per month
o Idea Games - Rs. 29 per month
o Magazines – Rs.49/month
These monthly subscriptions are renewed automatically every month. If Idea decides to increase the subscription pricing of any of these apps, Idea take your explicit consent before charging you at the increased price.
 If you have not consented to opt for paid subscription to any one or all of the Infotainment Apps, you may be presented with a consent screen to renew your subscription and charged as per the then prevailing rates for the respective app. In case you decide not to opt for paid subscription in this case too, your access to the app will be terminated OR you may be offered free access (in case there is a free tier available)
2. If you migrate between plans, your access to the apps will be based on the rules of the new plan in which you have migrated into.
3. Mobile Operating System: Please note that Idea Games and Magazines are currently available only for Android Operating system.
4. If you are existing Customers of Idea Games App and Idea Movies & Live TV (Paid Subscription) and decide to enroll yourself into this plan before the end of your paid subscription cycle for Idea Games, you will forfeit the remaining period of your paid subscription.
5. Magazines: For access to Magazines, you will have to download MyIdea App and access magazines from within the MyIdea App. As part of this Plan, Gold Lite Pack is provided for free which enables unlimited access to any 5 magazines of your choice. Gold Pack is not covered under this offer.
6. Magazines: If you are already a Gold Pack subscriber, this Free Gold Lite subscription will be provided only when you deactivate the existing Gold pack within the offer period. Example – You opt in to the plan on 1st March with free magazine subscription of 4 months and are already on Gold Pack. Now you will be entitled to this Gold Lite subscription only if you opt out of Gold Pack and subscription is valid only from 1st March to 1st Aug. This is also applicable to subscribers who are currently availing the free trial period of 30 days.
7. Magazines: If you are an existing Gold Lite Pack subscriber, your existing Gold Lite subscription will be deactivated and this Free Gold Lite subscription will be activated. The validity of the free subscription will be 4/12 months depending on the plan. This is also applicable to subscribers who are currently availing the free trial period of 30 days.
8. Access to content within Infotainment Apps:
a. Please note that while Idea Infotainment Apps allow you access to some of the most sought after entertainment content, you may not get access to all the content in an individual Infotainment App.
b. Idea Cellular reserves the right to change content within apps or discontinue any one or all of the Infotainment App services without prior notice to you.

Annexure 1 (Applicable codes for free International calling minutes in Idea Nirvana plans)

ISD Code Country Pulse
006013 Malaysia 60 Sec
006019 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060145 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060148 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060159 Malaysia 60 Sec
006016 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060102 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060143 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060146 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060149 Malaysia 60 Sec
00603 Malaysia 60 Sec
006012 Malaysia 60 Sec
006017 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060142 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060147 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060 Malaysia 60 Sec
00601 Malaysia 60 Sec
0060182 Malaysia 60 Sec
001600 Canada 60 Sec
001204 Canada 60 Sec
001289 Canada 60 Sec
001403 Canada 60 Sec
001416 Canada 60 Sec
001506 Canada 60 Sec
001514 Canada 60 Sec
001604 Canada 60 Sec
001647 Canada 60 Sec
001709 Canada 60 Sec
001778 Canada 60 Sec
001902 Canada 60 Sec
001905 Canada 60 Sec
001250 Canada 60 Sec
001306 Canada 60 Sec
001418 Canada 60 Sec
001450 Canada 60 Sec
001519 Canada 60 Sec
001613 Canada 60 Sec
001705 Canada 60 Sec
001780 Canada 60 Sec
001807 Canada 60 Sec
001819 Canada 60 Sec
008613 China 60 Sec
0086147 China 60 Sec
0086150 China 60 Sec
0086151 China 60 Sec
0086152 China 60 Sec
0086157 China 60 Sec
0086158 China 60 Sec
0086159 China 60 Sec
0086182 China 60 Sec
0086183 China 60 Sec
0086187 China 60 Sec
0086188 China 60 Sec
0086 China 60 Sec
0086133 China 60 Sec
0086153 China 60 Sec
0086180 China 60 Sec
0086181 China 60 Sec
0086189 China 60 Sec
0086130 China 60 Sec
0086131 China 60 Sec
0086132 China 60 Sec
0086145 China 60 Sec
0086155 China 60 Sec
0086156 China 60 Sec
0086185 China 60 Sec
0086186 China 60 Sec
00852 Hong Kong 60 Sec
008526 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085217 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085248 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085249 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085251 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085253 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085254 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085255 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085256 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085259 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085291 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085292 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085293 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085294 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085295 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085296 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085297 Hong Kong 60 Sec
0085298 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852901 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852902 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852903 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852904 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852905 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852906 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852907 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852908 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00852909 Hong Kong 60 Sec
00662 Thailand 60 Sec
00668 Thailand 60 Sec
00669 Thailand 60 Sec
0066 Thailand 60 Sec
00658 Singapore 60 Sec
00659 Singapore 60 Sec
0065 Singapore 60 Sec
001808 USA 60 Sec
001236 USA 60 Sec
001365 USA 60 Sec
001431 USA 60 Sec
001437 USA 60 Sec
001639 USA 60 Sec
001873 USA 60 Sec
001800 USA 60 Sec
001855 USA 60 Sec
001866 USA 60 Sec
001877 USA 60 Sec
001883 USA 60 Sec
001888 USA 60 Sec
001226 USA 60 Sec
001438 USA 60 Sec
001249 USA 60 Sec
001343 USA 60 Sec
001581 USA 60 Sec
001587 USA 60 Sec
001579 USA 60 Sec
001 USA 60 Sec